When you open Hughsflora, the home page has a tool bar towards the top. Select "Browse Flora" and this will display a sort box. If you change nothing in the sort box and click on query, the site will bring up all 880+ plants ordered alphabettically by family. It is best to use the sort box to narrow your search. You can select one or more sort criteria-to display just blue flowers, or just trees, or just yellow Asteraceae plants at Pawnee Buttes.

After the sort feature brings up the plants you want to see, click any where on the line of information about a particular plant. This will bring up a page with additional detailes information about the plant with one or more pictures and a google map showing exactly where the plant was found. If there are more than one picture of the plant, all pictures of it will be shown as small snapshots to the right. Click on any of the pictures to see an enlarged view of it.

NOTE: while most plants have the information just mentioned, some do not. If I identified a plant and did not take a picture, all data will come up except there will be no pictures. If I did not take coordinates with my GPS unit, there will be no google map.